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2017 Troubadours

2017 Troubadours

Monday, August 29, 2016

New Attendance Policy

Parents and Students,
As of today the attendance policy for the Montevallo Troubadours has changed. A revised version of the policy was sent home with your child, and also is posted this update.  This policy should be signed and returned. The policy was changed to better accommodate Troubadours and their parents when dealing with illness. From now on students can turn in up to three parent notes if they are absent from rehearsal do to illness. After the third note students will be asked to turn in a doctors note for any further absences. Please note that this change only affects rehearsal not performances. If a student is absent from a performance they will need to supply a medical note. I hope this new policy will alleviate some pressure when someone is ill. Please keep in mind that attending all Troubadour rehearsals are crucial and missing rehearsal should never be taken lightly. Please let me know if you need any clarification. Here is the new policy: New Attendance Policy.

Mr. Rogers

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekly Announcements

Parents and Students,
I hope everyone has had a nice weekend. The Troubadours did an excellent job this past Friday and I look forward to our next performance this coming week. Here are the announcements for the week:

  • This weeks game is at home against American Christian Academy. Here is the itinerary: Home Game Itinerary.
  • All marching competitions have been finalized for this competition season. We will go to competition September 24, October 8th, and October 15.
  • Information about this years Spring Band Trip will be sent out this week. The dates for the trip are April 19 - 23, 2017
  • Students please check the print outs in the band room and make sure all band forms have been turned in. This must be handled by this Friday.
  • Band account statements will be sent out in the next two weeks. 
  • The Shelby County Band Directors Association is selling T-shirts for the upcoming Marching Band Showcase. Here is a link with all of the information: SCBDA T-shirt Poster. Order forms are available in the bandroom.
Have a great week. 

Mr. Rogers 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Announcements

Parents and Students,
I hope everyone had a nice and restful weekend. Despite a rain storm the Troubadours did a fantastic job last Thursday in their first performance.  A HUGE thank to the parents, band helpers, and students that helped to quickly get the Troubadours back to the high school and out of the storm. Here are the announcements for the week:

  • The "Troubadour Pep Rally Tour" originally scheduled for August 25th has been postponed. More information will follow once this event has been rescheduled. 
  • This Friday the Montevallo Bull Dogs take on the West Blocton Tigers. Here is a schedule for the event: Home Game Itinerary.
  • This Tuesday the Troubadours will be rehearse at the football stadium. To best use our time and to allow for travel we will conclude rehearsal at 5:30pm instead of 5:15. If any student has a conflict with this time please let Mr. Rogers know ASAP. 
  • Chair Test  information will be passed out this week in 8th period for the MHS Concert Band. Chair Auditions will start September 6th.
  • Please remember to add September 27th to your band calendar. The Marching Troubadours will be performing at the MMS homecoming game on this date along with the MMS 7th and 8th grade Band. 
Have a great week and Go Troubadours!

Mr. Rogers 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Support the Troubadour Auxiliary

The Troubadour Auxiliary is having a fundraiser tomorrow by the CVS on Main Street from 8am to 1pm. All funds go to help the Auxiliary line. Please come out and support the Troubadours.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Game Week! Band Announcements

Parents and Students,
Game week is finally here! The Troubadours have just two rehearsals before our first halftime performance this Thursday. Here are the announcements for the week:

  • On the afternoon of September 27th, the Marching Troubadours will perform at the Montevallo Middle School Homecoming game. Please add this date to your calendar. More information will follow.
  • The Jamboree Game is this Thursday! Here is the game Itinerary: Home Game Itinerary.
  • Congratulations to Michaela Martin-Trumpet, Allison McCurdy-Clarinet, Eddie Anthony-Alto Saxophone, Mary Purvis-Trombone, and Jessie Evans-Baritone. These students auditioned Friday and were selected to play "To the Colors" at all MHS home games. Please plan to stay briefly Wednesday afternoon to work as an ensemble. Music must be memorized by Wednesday. 
  • Congratulation to Olivia Gilbert, Austin Lowery, Cameron Moreland, and Allison Tryon for being selected as the 2016 Troubadour Band Helpers. Please see Mr. Rogers in the band room Monday morning for more information. 
  • Students who do not pass-off their music by Wednesday will be expected to stay Wednesday afternoon for a memorization rehearsal until 4:30pm. 
Have a great week and Go Troubadours!!!

Mr. Rogers 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Afternoon Rehearsal Tomorrow

Parents and Students,
Tomorrow afternoon is our first after school rehearsal. The troubadours will rehearse from 3:15-5:15. Here are a few reminders to make sure rehearsal tomorrow runs smoothly as we prepare for Bulldog Day on Saturday:

  1. Students should be drinking water constantly throughout the day and also eat a complete lunch. Tomorrow the temperature is going to be in the 90's so it is important to hydrate.
  2. 8th graders who will be riding the bus to the high school tomorrow will follow this procedure:
    • If you are a car rider: Bring a note to school tomorrow stating that you have permission to ride a school bus to the high school. You will ride bus 01-11 to the High School.
    • If you are a "early" bus rider: Ride the bus you normally take home and get off at the High School
    • If you are a "late" bus rider: Bring a note to school tomorrow stating that you have permission to ride bus 01-11 to the high school.
  3. Auxiliary have practice after band rehearsal from 5:15-6:00pm.
  4. Parents please be on time to pick up your students.
Have a great day and I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow afternoon.

Mr. Rogers 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week Announcements

Parents and Students,
The first day of school is right around the corner! The Troubadours have their next performance this Saturday at Bulldog Day. I hope everyone will come out to support the Troubadours. Here are the announcements for the week:

  • Rehearsals this week are on Monday, August 8th, from 2:00-5:00pm and Thursday, August 11th, from 3:15-5:15. Thursday begins our regularly scheduled rehearsal every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:15-5:15. Please come to rehearsal prepared. Hydrate before, during, and after rehearsal.
  • This Saturday is Bulldog Day. Here is the band's Itinerary: Bulldog Day Itinerary.
  • Next Thursday, August 18th, is the jamboree game against Verbena High School at Home. The band will be performing. 
Have a great first week of school. I will see everyone tomorrow.

Mr. Rogers 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Date Changes

Parents and Students, 
Due to some athletic conflicts the dates for Bulldog Day and the jamboree game against Verbena has changed. Bulldog Day has moved to the afternoon of August 13th. The jamboree game has been moved to Thursday, August 18th. More information about both of these days will be coming soon.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

All-State Requirements are posted

Parents and Students,
As of today the requirements and etudes for the 2017 All-State Band Festival have been posted on the AMEA website. Here is a link to the requirements: All-State Requirements. For those who have not heard of All-State, the Alabama All-State Band Festival is the most prestigious and competitive honor band in the state of Alabama. Students compete on both the state and district level to attend this honor band. Students if you are interested in participating in the All-State band festival please let me know ASAP and go ahead and download your audition requirements.

Good Luck!
Mr. Rogers